It’s time to go FISHIN’

After decent weather for our March 2nd Tournament on Loudon/Tellico…we are expecting the same for Watts Bar on Saturday, March 16th.  So, Danny we expect you to get right on it…do what you did two weeks ago…and get us some great weather!

If you didn’t get to join us on March 2nd…it’s not too late to start!  We have a great time…and we hope the only thing that bites are the FISH!

So, join us Saturday, March 16th on Watts Bar out of Blue Springs…we’ll start at safe light!




…and a little break!

So, we fished on a cold, blustery day…but we typically expect that with a ‘Danny Tournament’!  We have a break until March 2, 2019 and we’ll pick back up on Fort Loudon/Tellico out of Poplar Springs.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

Stay Safe and Be Well…and Fish when you have a chance!

Our 2nd Tournament of the 2019 Season…THIS SATURDAY, November 10th!

Bundle Up and Get Ready to Fish Watts Bar!  The weather is showing a chilly 32 degrees for blast off and only a high of 45 degrees!  Oh well, it’s a Danny Presley Tournament…and over the years, we’ve learned to expect any kind of crazy weather.

Remember your hot hands…and hot coffee!  I actually might break out the jeans for this tournament:-)


See Y’all Saturday Morning…Bright and Early!


Next Up…Melton Hill

Well, typically we would have Springtime weather…but I suppose we’ll have to take what we can get!  So, we can start watching the forecast for the 28th in a couple more days…start the prayer chains, good mojo, juju or whatever else y’all can think of to drum up some great fishing weather…like NO RAIN, GALE FORCE WINDS or a WHOPPING 10 DEGREES!  READY…SET…GO!

Melton Hill out of the Dam on April 28th…BE THERE!

Watts Bar – April 14, 2018

Tournament #4 for our 2018 Season is in the Books! Looking at the weather reports, I honestly had my doubts that we would even make it to weigh-in!

It started out a little chilly this morning, but a humid 78 degrees at 3:30…and of course, it wouldn’t be a “Danny Tournament” without some weather craziness…I mean like 20-25mph winds, with gusts up to 30. PLUS, the River looked more like the Ocean with 439 foot waves😩
Anywho, we made it…without incident, Thankfully!